Torlynn is a small logging town located in southern Thunder Rift in the Melinir Hills just east of the Drake River. It hosts seasonal festivals which are week long celebrations that the entire village participates in. Activities include drinking, dancing, and baking.

The town is laid out around the main road which leads to Melinir. The town’s civic buildings are located there centered around the town’s well.

The town boasts a passable smith, Bertram, and a conducts trade through the office of Hugo Varn. Provisions are provided by Kepli Mellaroyla.

Torlynn is a democratic town electing its burgomaster from its citizens every 5 years. The current burgomaster is Burgomaster Gustovan who has held the position for over 30 years.

A frequent visitor to the village is the traveling merchant John Davers.

A map of Torlynn


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