Ilsyria alDuona

Ilsyria al’Duona is the elven prince of Gauntlin Forest. He is the son of King Layathen Duona and has been traveling throughout Thunder Rift with his companions Lurien, Palos, and Goriel in a ritual of manhood before he is considered suitable to be heir to the elven throne.

Ilsyria is a handsome and charismatic elf with lush brown hair and piercing green eyes. Like all his people, he is a skilled archer and swordsman. He carries the sword Ari’von’avel or “Silver Ice Blade,” forged for him by his father’s wizards.

Ilsyria is a friend of Burgomaster Gustovan and a frequent visitor to the town of Torylnn, so near to his home. Upon hearing that the town may be in danger from Barriks Keep, he and his band set out to investigate. While there he was overwhelmed by the ratlings and taken prisoner by their leader Keshute. He and his companions were forced into single combat against the White Widow and were thus frozen solid by the spider’s venom.

Ilsyria lay frozen in the keep for over a year until he was rescued by a group of brave adventurers. Upon being unfrozen, he called his sword back from the throne of ice which held it, unleashing the Spirit of Winter that had formed around it. The adventurers defeated this spirit and brought Ilsyria and his companions back to Torlynn where they could recover.

After healing up and returning home to his father, Ilsyria came back to Torlynn to thank his saviors. He gave each of them elven leaf cloak clasps which marked them as “friends of the elves of Gauntlin Forest.” Ilsyria swore that his saviors were now his brothers and sisters and presented them with a silver sword, Tahl’er’ithar or “Winter Friend Blade;” a twin to his own. He swore that if they should ever need his aid, that he would stand at their side.

Ilsyria alDuona

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