Thunder Rift

Missing Adventures of Welkin Blackburn - Goblin Reinforcements

After the party has killed the goblin attack and entered Barriks Keep, Welkin felt something was amiss. It seemed all to easy for us to make way into the keep. Sure some of us took some bad injuries to get in but it felt as if they wanted us to enter. By Welkin’s intuition he was right.

Despite Welkin’s attempt to explain to the group that something was wrong and was probably a trap the party continued forward into the keep. Welkin had to do something to prevent this assault from becoming a catastrophe. He left the party to go back to where they entered and sure enough goblin reinforcements arrived at the scene.

Six goblins showed up along with what appeared to be a goblin shaman. Taking up his arms Welkin thrusted himself into combat to hold back the tide. If the goblins got past Welkin the party would have had a bunch of goblins coming from the rear without their knowledge. The goblins looked intense and has a blood lust look in their eyes. This only stepped up the intensity for Welkin for this made the enemy only that more dangerous. Welkin attacked the goblin raid with such ferocity that even the blood drunk goblins moral nearly broke. The shaman who was casting plenty of spells became terrified with how one man was able to slay several of them single-handedly. The shaman used his best spells to stop Welkin but his power was dissolved by Welkin’s halberd going into his head. With the goblin attack quelled he was able to rejoin the group to find the cleric inside a cube shaped monster.



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