Thunder Rift

Missing Adventures of Welkin Blackburn - Elven Belongings

After the defeat of the ice monster, Welkin had to stay behind to protect the Elves while the rest of the party moved on to the tower.

While the Elves were resting and regaining their strength, the Prince spoke to Welkin and requested his help. Their belongings were still missing and some of the items were very dear to them. Welkin agreed to help the Prince locate their possessions as soon as they had the strength to move.

A while later the Elves were ready to go exploring the remains of the keep. With their keen sense for hidden doors a passage was discovered leading downward into a sub-basement level. With the some light they were able to guide themselves through the tunnels of the basement slaying large spiders, goblins and few other foul beasts. Eventually they found a storage room and was able to locate the Elves possessions that were taken away from them. All their weapons and armor were intact along with other personal items. Before they headed back up the Prince gave Welkin a note. The note offered Welkin assistance when ever he needed it the Prince will offer it without question.

Moments later the keep was starting to rumble. Welkin, the Prince and his guards hurried back upstairs to reunite with the rest of the party. With no time to explain they ran out of the keep to return to Torlynn village.



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