John Davers

“I hate John Davers and his happy life!” – Fenrath the Wizard

John Davers is a traveling merchant from the land of Inuk. He carries his wares on his two draft horses Darcy and Marell. He frequently makes the journey between his homeland and Thunder Rift. He visits the village of Torlynn three times a year, and has a partnership with the trader there, Hugo Varn.

John Davers is a pleasant man, always eager to make conversation with the people he meets in the hopes of making a new friend. John is knowledgeable about Thunder Rift and the lands that lie between it and his home. He hears many rumors in his travels, and is happy to share them with others.

John Davers is a handsome man in his early forties with dusky brown hair and worn clothes.

John Davers

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